Assignment III: Jennifer Reiland

Jennifer May Reiland assigned random partners and challenged all Muses to create a drawing, painting, or other visual representation of their partner as a historical, fictional, or mythical person of their choice in any medium. Partners were asked to provide each other with photos of themselves to work from. These are Jennifers selects from Assignment III. 


“I liked that Titania, or just the fairy queen archetype, is such a force of nature. A very strong wilful character who embodies a whole dreamy, alternate, ephemeral world.”

-Kat Odina



I couldn't help but think of her as Emily Dickinson ~ sequestered and yet full of adoration for nature, as well as with a bit of sauciness that few suspect. I painted two portraits - one of her facing front, with elements and snippets of Emily's poetry. The background is taken from the recently discovered and restored wallpaper in her bedroom. It seemed to want to be a three-dimensional painting, with real elements of nature included.”

-Kendra Hinkle


“(She) made me think of Persephone and I ran with that!”




“I decided to portray Kat as Queen Maude, also known as Queen Mathilde  (Janury 1114 – May 1125).
She was the daughter of King Henry I, who requested on his deathbed that his Lords swear their allegiance to Maude and her young son as their queen and heir presumptive.”

-Syrie Moskowitz




“I have a bit of a habit of painting night deities, and I could see her as a moon goddess under dappled starlight.  So I painted her as Selene, the Greek Titan Goddess of the moon.  Selene is often depicted in a flowing top and skirt, with a dark veil forming an arc around her head, providing a contrasting backdrop for her crescent moon crown. I added a border of poppy and valerian flowers at the bottom of her top, flowers associated with sleep, hinting at the fact that she asked Zeus to make her lover Endymion sleep for eternity so she could gaze upon him every night.  Here I imagine she is gazing upon Endymion as he sleeps.”






“I had the pleasure of painting miss Fiona Knight. Since she's a singer I thought it appropriate to transform her into Erato the muse of lyric poetry! My piece is a recreation of Sir Edward John Poynter's "Erato, Muse of Poetry" 1870.”

-Lien Barboza



 “I made a flip puppet (like one of those dolls that has two torsos that share a long skirt) that is both Julia as Persephone and Julia as Demeter.  I was thinking of these two goddesses that Julia can inhabit for herself.  To give herself the fierce protection and support of the mother and also to give herself to the unknown the way daughter force their mother's to do.  I drew her in ink and collaged the gown. Here is Julia as persephone..”

-Erin Orr



“We choose to depict each other as Freyja which is the Celtic goddess of love, beauty, fertility, some thing war as she helps choose which die on the battle field. Scholars have connected her with the Valkyrie.”




‘During our first chat, she told me about her favourite flowers and animals as she sat against a wooden fence. I could instantly tell how connected with nature she was. We then shared photographs and I felt very drawn to two o them in particular. In one of them, her face was surrounded by green leaves and in the other, she was laying on grass while holding a bouquet of roses. These photos reminded me a lot of the famous painting “Ophelia” by John Everett Millais, therefore I was inspired to portray her as Ophelia.’’



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