Assignment V

On “Foraging”

“Heather created this beautiful illustration of definitely, as titled ' king of the foragers' alongside a poem I have truly enjoyed reading... oh to be a bee some day”

- manifaestations

Art by @heatherjbunch 


On “Dreams”

@manifaestations composed this gorgeous haunting song on harp

“India turned my dream into an absolutely captivating and enchanting song - here is the video of her performance with her lyrics underneath”

(Completely blown away by this one. -The Muses)

Lyrics: Seeing her face, sad as it seemed
I was filled with the sense that I had more words to say
Here in this place, dark 'round the edges
I summon my strength and throw out my blessings

Where did they take you? That breath between
"Oh I'm down in a place we all have to visit."
I read out my words, a sonnet poetic
And shackled this vision to something prophetic

Oh for five years we go
to the stone

Here take a sip: from the devil's cup
We'll be here for a bit, until if we're lucky
The wine will run dry, the star will invert
And never again will we feel so much hurt

Oh for five years we go
to the stone

But listen here dear, the fights coming soon
when the fifth star aligns with both the sun and moon
then the battle will cease, we all can move on
and if heaven does win we won't have to stay

Oh for five years we go 
to the stone.


On “Rabbits”

(specifically a heart wrenching experience involving saving two baby bunnies, but having to leave the mother rabbit bereft) 

“In my time with Erin and Christina I brought up the novel (and film) Watership Down. It meant a lot to me as a child and still does. I think of the allegorical themes in the book often and could not believe when some of the most challenging of them arrived in my own garden.  

A major one is that of loss versus life.”



Stunning artwork by @stina_shroom


On “Fog”

“It's intoxicating, enchanting, mysterious, and pulls me in under its spell. I'd take a layer of fog and mist over any sunny day, and allow myself to be swept away by its dreaminess.”


A thoughtful poem by @goldenlotus7


On “The character, Sorcha, of the Sevenwaters Trilogy written by modern author Juliet Marillier.”


“The story follows Sorcha, a young woman who must endure an endless stream of violence for many years against her person while working towards fulfilling a promise which would release her six beloved brothers from a spell which turned them to Swans.”


@johannahurtig embroidered this stunning piece:

Also would be a crime not to add the other stunning piece by @johannahurtig on the theme of Clytemnestra, the wife of Agamemnon given by Evyenia Karapolous

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