Muses from Afar : Assignment I

Syrie Moskowitz asked those who opted in for our “From Afar” series to submit a self portrait with some specific and random requirements, as well taking inspiration from the following words; yarn, jump, virtue, affairs, complaint, and swagger.

Here are a few we loved:


Image 1 :  I sit on twenty aces yarning about stories only the mad would think up. Am I the only one? My heart jumps at the complaint... positive thoughts are for the virtuous... isn’t that what they always say? They being the callous creatures, figures, people swaggered in their ways caging our minds as we yearn to be free to think as the mad do. Who are they to tell us how to handle our affairs? Nobody. Anybody. Everybody. -corinne- the mad woman in the woods @earthlynexus from Georgia, USA

Image 2:  Mirrors are ancient, magical alchemy reflecting our universes inside out. It’s different in all of eyes and yet, alikeness always leaks through. A connection unexplainable but writers do often try. I have four sides of my personality, of my focuses, and what soul I do carry in each expression. -Sparrow  Sparrow @willow_rising_ of Portland, OR

Image  3: by Ivy @softerthanstone

Image 4 : ‘Jack be nimble Jack be quick Jack jump over the candlestick’ by Kat @katodinaali of Hertfordshire, UK

Image 5 : Tatiana  @tatianaevamarie of Switzerland

Image 6: by Adie @shortmusing from Australia
A portrait of the creation they build with fingers twisting hair into yarn, binding virtue and swagger in the toughened lengths which tether me to the faceless seraph of their imagination.
In their regard, I jump, held frozen above the chasm of affairs and indifferent hands by the twisted knots of my own essence.  The self cannot exist without the forms others make of us, the shapes they create for us to inhabit.

Image 7 : “I wanted to portray the story of something that seems so pure you couldn't think it could cause any disgrace but is actually the origin. I created these three images in the woods behind my mom's house, where I have found myself a lot during this time of isolation. “ by Audrey @babielamb Roxton Pond, Québec

Image 8 : by Heather  @heatherjbunch of New Orleans - The Affair
Did it ever mean anything to you?
You and your swagger.
Me and my virtue.
Oh, but you liked it.
The challenge.
The chase.
The hunt.
Ready to pounce
Like a kitten on a ball of yarn.
The words to say,
How to behave,
to make me jump.
Then, it stopped.
The kind words.
The gallant gestures.
And before I could make a complaint.
You were gone.

Image 9: by Justine @justinetrickett of England
The moments after pricking a thumb from sewing. She is a virtuous bunny, like the Little Grey Rabbit (can you not see?) and her affairs are scarcely hidden. Would we believe that she could acquire a Krug bottle as a vase? .

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